Friday, July 1, 2011

Being Bald!!

I have found that shaving off the rest of my hair has made me deeply depressed, my female-ness feels like it has been stripped from me completely.
I look at other bald women and I think it's beautiful but on me I just feel sad.
Greg is taking me out to get a few wig's today hopefully that will help me until I feel semi stable again.
I made a stupid decision, but I guess I have a fresh start with my hair now.
I had been growing out my hair for a long time and struggling with it, now I'm like "what have I done!"
Please everyone bare with me through this, I will do what I can with it. Check out the video


  1. WEAR A WIG! You can buy a wig off the internet with REAL hair and style it and dye it what ever color you want :D . I was thinking about going bald myself... It would be cool to have a new hair style every day. : ) Plus you're hair grows back healthier and softer! <3

  2. You're still beautiful and you'll be even more awesome with short hair!

  3. You'll get used to it; it's a big change. And, you do look beautiful ^-^

  4. i think it looks gorgeous personally.. you have the right kind of pretty face to compliment it.

    the long red hair you had in your newest music video also looked absolutely beautiful on you, you should find a wig like that :3

    either way. don't be sad. it's just hair, and you're still very very pretty :)

  5. I know that you're uncomfortable with being bald but I have to say that you look beautiful. ^-^ The good thing with hair is that it grows back.

  6. No Shiloh With or Without You'll Always be Beautiful.

    "You made me insecure,
    Told me I wasn't good enough.
    But who are you to judge
    When you're a diamond in the rough.
    I'm sure you got some things
    You'd like to change about yourself.
    But when it comes to me,
    I wouldn't wanna be anybody else."

    That Should be You Shiloh, i thought you didn't care about the bad things only the good. i now your going throw a hard time but there's always Hope And Hope is Love And you have Greg For That. You Perfect Shiloh Dont Let no one else say wrong :'3

  7. Honestly Shiloh, you still look beautiful to me. In the video, when I manged not to laugh my ass off when Greg was licking you're head, I noticed how beautiful you looked. You've got such expressive eyes, and a beautiful face. I don't think the hair makes much of a difference. Yet I will say that if I were in you're position, I would be really sad too. I couldn't even handle having my hair cut up to my ears once. It was awful, and all I wanted was for it to grow back. At least you know it's hair and it will slowly but surely grow back. You'll even be able to do awesome things to in when it's a different lengths as it grows! And the wigs will be a nice addition to you're videos i'm sure.So stay strong Shiloh, and see that you really are beautiful. =3

  8. I'm a guy but to a point i understand how you feel i cut my hair maybe twice a year so by the time i get it cut it's pretty long. recently though i hadn't cut it for close to a year and to get a fresh start i decided to get it cut really short. Once i saw my hair fall i got a deep sense of depression like all my protection was falling away. Maybe with a wig you can get through this until you grow comfortable. For me it took about a week to settle into my new hair. The depression will go away just stay positive Shilo you have a bunch of fans that care about you and understand how you feel at times. I hope reading this helped in some way. -bye

  9. I'm sorry that you're so unhappy with the bald head :(
    Maybe it's at least a bit comforting, I think you still look plenty female with it. It makes you look kind of exotic, mysterious and it goes great with the shape and structure of your face. Your face is so pretty and female that your new "Hair"style isn't doing anything about it :) It even emphasizes your femaleness somehow, makes you look even more striking, especially when you smile :) And it makes your facial expression look much...clearer, and surprisingly young and innocent,lol.
    I hope you'll get used to it, maybe you'll even like it in a few days or weeks... and if not, it will grow back. Keep your head up high girl :)

  10. Shiloh, I understand why you want the wig, but you look stunning. It makes your eyes appear brighter. Also, with being bald, you should buy beautiful earrings and wear lovely makeup to still embrace your femininity, but show the clear confidence of a bald head. However it's all your decision. You will look beautiful no matter what.

  11. I think you look absolutely stunning. <3
    Don't worry about the hair. It'll grow back, and it'll grow back fast. :) Have fun with all the awesome wigs you can find instead.
    lots of love. <3

  12. Shiloh, You will always be Beautiful. Hair or No Hair ♥ Simply Beautiful.

  13. You look gorgeous, but it's terribly sad that you don't feel gorgeous! It was a very bold decision, and I respect you for even being able to go through with it! Get a good wig, feel beautiful, and soon as you know it you'll have a beautiful set of newly grown hair. :3

  14. You are still beautiful, I think you are one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen, even without hair!!
    Love you Shiloh!! xx

  15. I agree with most of these commenters.... You're still very beautiful.

  16. You;re beautiful.<3
    With hair or without.<33
    We love you no matter what.(:
    //Amy Midori, 14 year;s on this hateful world.(:

  17. You look awesome. only a very small percentage of people can pull of a bald head and you are part of that percent.

    When your sad, just watch the bald head video. You actually look SO happy in it. So there must have been something in the process that was happy for you.

    Think of it as a cleansing and a new start.

  18. You should try getting one of those ones with suction cups so it'll stay on your head. :D

  19. I understand how you must feel, though I personaly believe that you look amazing, kind of brings out that powerful beauty in you ;3 never the less., you look great with whatever you want , bald, wig, long, short hair, whatever ! :D

  20. Idk if you said your reason yet already but i'm wondering as to why you even did it? I'm curious. But either way. I totally agree with u. I think alot of females look amazing bald. But i would never have the guts to do it myself because i think that it would just look overall bad bad on me. I wanna cut it but the shortest i'd go is up to my chin like u had it before. But like everyone says i think u still look pretty amazing PLUS i got an amazing boyfriend who well stick by u the whole way thru. Not many guys would deal with having a bald girlfriend. That's some serious love. Again i give you props. Your extremly wonderful. And i think wigs are cool! I been dying to buy some myself. But it's hard to manage a wig when u already have hair. Love yah missy. I think ull be okay :)

  21. Shiloh, you're fucking beautiful. I'm one of the only guys to comment this and I still see a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality. I see strength. And, there's nothing better than showing everybody that you are not weak. Strength is beauty.

  22. SHILOH ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? YOU LOOK SO GOOD WITH NO HAIR!!! seriously and im not trying to say this cause its 'supposed to make you feel better' but you look so sexy bald because you have AMAZING facial features. Dont wear any wigs please now all the focus is on those beautiful eyes of yours. Fuck everyone who is hating, its jsut hair you look amazing, unique and fierce.

  23. I think you look pretty with hair, and without hair ^^ But, if you do get a wig, GET A BLUE ONE XD
    It would be so cool if you got a blue one >:D

  24. I think you will enjoy being bald, because it will grow back and plus you can buy some pretty kick ass wigs and be a different person / style everyday. Some people would envy that. And you haven't lost all femininty you stilll look like a girl

  25. Shiloh, you are beautiful bald or with hair. I think you look stunning, you are challenging the stereotype of women. I'll say it again, I think you're beautiful just as you are :)

  26. I know how u feel.

    Last year I got really sick and spent nearly a month trapped in a hospital for a horrible infection on the right side of my head. I lost more than half my hair.. so I got angry and had a friend shave most of the rest of my remaining hair off my head.. as soon as she did it I knew I had made a mistake.. I am a hairstylist and had to look at beautiful women with long flowing hair all the time.. I wanted to punch them all in the face for having something that I wanted to have so badly... I just wanted my hair back... it was a horribly rough time for me.. and it sounded so trivial to everyone around me.. my husband .. my mom.. my friends.. they all were "oh it will grow back.. it's JUST HAIR"..

    but that was the problem.. it WASN"T JUST HAIR... it was what people noticed first.. always.. and I knew it. it made me sick to look in the mirror. I still have a hard time looking at pictures from that point in my life.. but I trudged forward.. me and my bald ass head... it was like a shining beacon blaring out to the world "HEY! THIS CHICK HAS NO HAIR! SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH HER."

    I am not telling you this to scare you. i would never want to adversely effect you in ANY WAY. I have quietly been watching your struggle and cheering you on from behind my monitor. I am telling you this because there is a person who knows how you feel. I have been there. I feel your pain.. I understand that it is more than just hair. I DO.

    It is now a year and 3 months later. My hair is now chin length. I have very dark hair normally.. but once it started growing again I bleached it. it's long enough now that i can put it in a pathetic looking tiny ponytail. but it's my ponytail. It is like a badge of honor.. I made it... and you will too.

    If you need to talk I am here for you. I realize you haven't a clue who I am, but I am just a girl. Just a girl that has been in your shoes. If times a rough and you just need someone to chat with I am here.

    you can do this. even if you don't believe it right now. I will believe it for you. don't hesitate to use it. serious.



  27. Back when I shaved my head, to make myself feel better I drew pictures on it! it was like a canvas for me, thats how I gotta start in 00r he art/photography/exotic industry...your gorgeous babe.

  28. Have you seen a doctor, yet?
    A wig will not solve your memory and/or neurological problems!
    It is a quick fix - and you really need to think of the long run here.
    It is your frickin' life on the line here. So treat carefully.
    Think about it this way: Seeing a doctor about it cannot make it worse, right?

  29. it doesn't mather how you look now, it's still you... and I like the person that you are... you're awsome!!!!!

  30. No offence, but you now truly feel how Britney felt when she hit rock bottom.

  31. you look beautiful my lovely!
    New hair- new start!
    I hope your okay! XP