Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Truth

I'm going to start out by saying my own life is in danger now because of all of this and so I have nothing to lose writing it.

I was the person who warned Greg about the people coming after him, No it was not canadian mafia I don't know where that came from.
The people who went after Greg were a bad crowd I got involved in when I was younger .. [I did not tell them I don't know who did] but when they found out this whole breakup went down so ugly, they went after him despite me communicating through a few people to them that I wanted them to stop.
When they wouldn't I called the police and said they were headed for the border and not to let them through, they had already gotten through so I tried everything I could to tell Greg...he finally called me back after I called and called and called....he had fled where he was staying and I was worried sick [still am]. I called him every few hours to make sure he was safe and okay.

I had to tell him about my carrying his child because I felt he deserved to know.
He said he would do what he could to take care of his baby.
I am pregnant with his child, I never lied about that.
I have stopped caring about myself and the hurt I felt from the last few days and purely focused it on his safety.
I just called a little while ago to make sure he was alright...and no answer, I left a message....
Then i saw the facebook posts.
"..I just talked to a friend... kinda made me realize a lot.

I don't know what to believe anymore... is she lying just to get me back?"

Who knows anything about this? I was the only one with information on this whole own mother didn't know I was pregnant until after I told Greg.
and this????!??

"I can't believe I fell for it this long... I'm just now realizing it was all a lie... I'm so stupid."

He has turned his phone off and does not have the guts to explain to me what is going on. My life is in danger now because these people know I ratted them out.

I do love you Greg, I am not trying to get back with you...I have been trying to help you. 
I am truly hurt.

As for me saying "I am going to ruin you" I had no intention of telling lies, just the truth...what he does not know is i have witnesses I kept on skype while he called the cops, and a little bit before that...I have people who have witnessed who he is.
I have no desire to post the whole story for the simple fact that I just want him to be safe, and I do not want to effect his career in a negative way.


  1. one i think u should have a pic or something to prove ur peg so u wont get any hate messages

    and both of u guys r sayin totally diff things
    so no one knows whos lyin or tellin the truth

    its all confusin

  2. Well I don't know what to say about this.

  3. Ya right ur full of it I'm sick of ur bs

  4. The first ultrasound pics don't happen till the first appt. then it's the five month to see if it's a boy or girl. I have a daughter I know. Stop asking for proof just to get your own satisfaction. It's stupid.

  5. I'm not taking a side...I've read everything both you and Onision have posted, and all I can say is that it's confusing as fuck. It really is. I just want to know how a beautiful, young, female singer from Canada...ends up in such a predicament...I don't know..

    I truly want to believe that both you and Greg are beautiful people on the inside and the outside...we all have our faults and mistakes...I truly hope you do what's best for you, and he does what's best on him. You've both, like we all do, have some work to do, it seems on your character and lives...just stay strong...and try to move forward. I hope you are both able to.

    ~ Ciao.

  6. Stay strong. Care about yourself, it's important. Take some breathing space. Ignore the folks who don't know what they are talking about, and listen to those that know you and love you. Hold on to your Self and your Truth, cheesy as it may sound, it's important as all hell. <3

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  8. So both of your lives are in danger? Maybe you both will learn to keep your personal lives off the web.

  9. Hope you're alright Shiloh. I'm sorry these things have happened to you.

    If you are pregnant, I just thought I'd give you some insight. . My twin sister got pregnant a few years ago and came to me first about it, and she was really scared. She was pregnant by a guy I knew she didn't really love. She ended up getting an abortion. I knew she didn't want to take care of a kid so early in her life, for its sake and her own.
    A few years later she got pregnant again, with her longtime boyfriend. This time she kept it- for whatever reason I can't be sure. My new nephew is fussy, never sleeps, isn't happy one second away from her which makes things hard for her. At the same time, while her boyfriend is paying the bills but completely detached from the kid, she tells me that for whatever reason, my nephew is the reason she gets up in the morning. She didn't say that to appear to be a good mother, or because she wanted to feign that everything is okay- it's because it was true and I felt that too. When I took care of him the highlight of my day was when he put his trust in me, fell asleep against me or smiled and jumped around for that small moment, happy to see me. This, coming from someone who never wants to have kids.

    I hope whatever you do, you understand how common these decisions can be and that you're okay. You can make things right when you stand up for yourself, and for Greg. You only have 100 years of your life to live and it's already nearly a fourth of the way over, so think about what you will remember in your last years, your last moments. Live your life the way you want to remember it. Think about things you've done in the past that give you regrets and avoid making those feelings for yourself.

    Lots of love for both of you. <3

  10. This is becoming very silly now someone is coming after Greg. This is like the plot for a bad movie

  11. *hugs*
    I know all of this is stressful right now but try to keep calm for you and the baby.

    Please stay safe Shiloh, is there anyway you can get restraining orders on the people that are threatening to hurt you and Greg? I know where they live far away it may have to be done on a federal level but there has to be some way to do something.

    My thoughts are with you.

  12. Seriously Shiloh, im not going to preach my personal opinion on all of this but I hope you and the baby are safe, and Ill pray for you and Greg to patch this up. No child should grow up In a broken home. I wish you the best of luck. If it comes to it Shiloh, you'll need to go into some form of witness protection programme.

  13. I think it's just so convenient for all of this to happen for you when it has. I've read/watched both sides (or what's been revealed at least) and made my own opinion based on the behaviors I have witnessed lately, not what anyone has said about the other.
    1. I believe you have told Greg quite a lot of things in the past to be able to scare and control him in the future. Even the memory loss now.
    2. Speaking of, how do you even remember these friends and things like that if you lost 3 years? Or did that bit just happen to come back to you too?
    3. You were posting Facebook statuses that said things like "He's just so beautiful." and said you weren't moving on after you guys broke up... And it was freaking creepy.
    4. Then you post statuses that say everything Greg was saying was lies, saying he was abusing you and you had to just get away from who he really was... Then you erased them all and started pulling the whole I'm innocent and only want him to be ok crap... It all seemed like a worthless ruse, Shiloh, really.
    5. Now this? You just so happened to be Skyping and left it open someone where he couldn't see because you said he didn't know... And they're witnesses to it all? I call bullshit. You either DID hide the chat and say "Hey, I'mma Go fuck with Greg's head, but here's the story we're gonna follow ok?" Or you had the chat afterwards and made up your story and had your friends follow... Because that's what girls do.

    Whatever is going on, I can say I do not believe Shiloh at all. And I used to love Shiloh. I have followed her singing career since it took off and now she's whirlwinded through Greg's life. Whatever is going on, I think you're a manipulative child that will say or do anything to keep the people around you as their puppets.

  14. I really think Greg is over reacting. I'll be honest, I find him to be a big wiener sometimes. But it's whatever, you know, at least he's safe.

    YOUR HAVING A BABBYY. Greg should stop being a wiener and help you.

    Ah, Shiloh, be safe. Maybe you should power range these hooligans that are coming after you back to Canada.

  15. People, this is insane, Shiloh get help.

  16. yeahh shiloh please leave greg alone. I used to know a girl just like you that threatened to kill herself/get her "friends" to hurt me because I wouldn't be with her. Stop trying to control Greg with these lies, because he is unfortunately inclined to believe everything you say, and it's very annoying to see a whiny little girl tear one of my role models apart. There are no guys after him, and your own life isn't in danger because no one honestly cares that much about the drama your involved in. And please don't take this the wrong way, but I really wish you would just stop talking to Greg and move on with your life, and if you are really pregnant like you say (which I seriously doubt), then that really sucks for Greg.

  17. U don't need an ultrasound to prove ur pregnant the dr will give u a proof of pregnancy form if u ask and in some cases mine I didn't ask and they gave me one this is how I showed my guy I was pregnant

  18. I really don't know who or what to believe.
    Both of these stories are almost completely different.

  19. The two of you had a very public and open relationship, so I understand the two of you breaking up being public. But I feel both sides are getting out of hand and going overboard. They are both trying to make the other look like the bad guy.
    As for Greg wanting proof of the pregnancy, I understand it. Honestly, almost every girl I know seems to have used the "I'm pregnant" line to try and keep a guy from leaving her. I don't know why we do it, but we do. As he stated on his facebook,he is feeling this is the case. Maybe this is not the first time a girl has lied to him about being pregnant?

  20. This all seems like a nightmare gone wrong.
    However, if you really are pregnant, you NEED to care, and keep yourself and that baby safe. But also, after everything that's gone down, don't be upset with Greg or anyone else if they don't believe that you are. Let things simmer down, and I hope those bastards are caught before something does happen to Greg. I have never spoken to him myself, but I do consider his mom a good friend of mine, and I don't want to see her heart broken.

  21. I'm sorry but i think your sick..I beleive Greg not you. You need mental help and i hope to good you get some before Greg gets hurt... All of the Onision fans will hold you responsible.

  22. Ummm what about cornering him in his own house, threatening his life, and your own, you need help, i worry for you *HUGS*

  23. "I have no desire to post the whole story for the simple fact that I just want him to be safe, and I do not want to effect his career in a negative way."

    You're such a hypocrite. Just post the video, the dirty laundry is out, put it out there! Because if you don't, then it's a lie.
    It's stupid to say "Oh, I have proof" and then you're not showing it. If you have proof then prove it.
    You're sick, girl, please go find the help you need.

  24. Jesus Christ Shes officially crazy.And I'm pretty sure her loosing her memory was a lie as well.She need to go to the cookoo house o.o

  25. Firstly you shave your hair like Britney Spears... then you make up this story about loosing your memory and then create a story about people "coming after you" now your pregnant.

    Hun, I do not mean to sound direspectful... but you really need to get some psychological help. You probably don't even realise this, but you are not well. (That or you and Greg have concutted another attention seeking drama)

    Please hun get help before you do something you may regret.

  26. All this evidence and no proof, from both sides..
    All of this proof, maybe premeditated?
    If this is all just a big misunderstanding as it seems.
    Why would you both have so much recorded proof? I'm staying neutral through all of this, but It still makes me wonder..

  27. I'm not taking any sides in this, I'm just saying, I hope you both can live in peace. This is both of your business, and people should really bud out, because they have no right to say you are not pregnant, and all that bologna. Just leave the both of them alone. I'm here for you both & love you both. You two should really work this out, it's causing an intense amount of stress on you two.
    Esmeralda Naomi Von Absinithe.

  28. shiloh,
    heres some advice.. I think its really best to drop everything with greg, your only hurtting yourself. im 19 with a daughter myself. only a year older but this is how I see it. I do believe that you can possibly be pregnant but all the past things I just think as a scam in all reality. Grow up, you have people you dont even know playing like they know, dont listen to them, they dont know anything. hell, I dont know anything but ive had the same kind of thing with a guy I thought was perfect for me. when they call it puppy love its not, you have some real feelings for him and I can relate but you need to stop this. I know it hurts hun, I feel you in this one. be the better person, and everyones a little crazy and immature them selves, theres alot of couples that do this.. you guys just made yours public with is a little weird but I get where your coming from alittle. what I think is greg was just a little confused in his marrage and saw you as a way to help his hurt but like I said what do I know. just mature up a bit clear your mind, gregs just not for you sweetie and your shouldnt get down about him or all the people making you feel like the scum of the world. both you and greg are at falut but everyone has flaws.try sharing your feelings with family not greg, hes getting family support and friends. if you dpnt have family to comfort you talk to a friend (a real friend) that wont judge you. what can I say, in all honestly its a better lifestyle you need. keep your head up kid, avoid people hateful comments, they were obviously bullied themselves at one point, all avoid greg. It could be the hardest thing youve will take to over come I know because it took me years to get over someone after all the hurtful things they said to me, I just didnt get the hint but im trying to help you from a world of hurt. and again, keep your head up kid..

  29. and trust me,i know some complete psycho path girls, your no where close to how crazy some are you just need to get your life straiten/sorted out basically get your shit together amd think all this over, do you really want this kinda of lifestyle. though I do think you and greg made all this up look at how all ridculous it is. k be the better person out of this, forget others

  30. I wish you put accurate headlines for your recent happening in your life. I would put:

    "Drama Llama Becomes Greg's Baby-mama!"

    Will she or will she not conclude to be once again full of shit while dragging Onision along for her aggressive manic depressive antics! Latest polls show: YES! YES SHE WILL!

    Story at 11!

  31. Ugh, this is turning into a soap opera that I'm getting addicted to watching, but just the fact that this is all unraveling in reality and not television makes me sick. Firstly, I always that there was something just no right with you. I thought that you were immature and stupid and a liar (once you pretended to lose your memory). Now I think crazy is just too mediocre to describe you. Insane and psychotic may not even fit. You are just ridiculous. If you lost your memory, if you are pregnant, if all this you post is true, there's still things that just aren't adding up. I don't think you lost your memory, I think you're lying about being pregnant to control Greg, and I think you're fabricating some story to make you look good, but you FAILED. You seriously need to get some help. Your really sick, mentally.

  32. hey draculoh, i just wanna say, i believe you,and greg... but this story here, i belive, i belive greg is hurt... get back to gather(as in make up with him), hes at smellzyebutts place right now (im saying this, just in case, he blocked your ip, and you can see whats going on)

  33. If your pregnant, come back to us in nine months with you and your baby in a picture. You and your real baby.. please because I want to know if you REALLY ARE pregnant or not.. Idk.. Your side then Greg's side.. ACK TOO MUCH DRAMA! Too much drama and confusion for ANYBODY to have