Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I wish I could help.

I am stuck inside an unbreakable glass box.
Outside I see the one I love most kneeling on the ground screaming in pain as he holds his shattered heart in his hands.
I scratch at the glass, I kick it, I bite it, I punch it, I scream at it, and spit on it hoping something will break the barrier.... It just won't fall down, it just wont let me out.
I become desperate and try to climb to the top hoping I can reach the door in the middle of the ceiling.
I fall, and stumble.
I try to come to terms...he is hurting, you can't tried.
That's not good enough, I didn't try hard enough.
I can't watch him like this.
I cry.
Let me out.


  1. Shiloh , Greg Isent Worth All Of This. I Love Greg Hes Great, But So Are You. Dont Forget That, <3

  2. I wish i could help strong, something in that wall will give <3

  3. I think you need to step back and reflect how you have changed yourself for others. i know emotions are so strong that its hard to control especially when you fear of losing it all. i am not going to judge you or him. we all been there...well those who have really been in love.

    you need to walk away. love yourself first. i really don't think you love yourself.

    i am not a "fan" of anyone. i am not going to sugar coat it or be a jerk and be mean about.

    just love yourself.

  4. Shiloh, i'm sorry but I think that this metaphore isn't correct. There is no glass box. There isn't an external thing that block you from helping him. He does't want your help, even if he suffers a lot.I think he is trying to combat himself,from asking you for help. If you love him, as much as you say, let him alone. Let him overcome this and try to do the same. Probably you will get togheter in the future, but now ist't the right moment. I think you were handsome toghether, don't ruin this beauty,and don't even ruin the memories. Your love can wait. Sorry if i permit to say this things, they are only my thoughts. (I'm Italian, my English is not well enough, sorry) Good luck, I hope you will be happy.

  5. It's your own fault. If you'd never freaked out on him and hurt him in the first place then none of this would be happening.

  6. YOU CAN BREAK IT SHILOH. I KNOW YOU CAN. WE BELIEVE IN YOU. I think you're so strong, so, so strong. So admirable. (: YOU CAN DO IT BEAUTIFUL♥ Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! >:[

  7. I'm with polis. you need to love yourself first... I know you talk about a lot of darkness... it looks like you have been through some serious stuff.

    that being said I believe ANYONE can heal and be happy, sane and healthy regardless of past circumstances. but it takes a lot of self reflection. and work.

    Can you take your focus off of him and turn it inward instead?

  8. If you reach your hand out, but no one takes it, there is no wall. He doesn't want your help. He wants to heal. Your relationship doesn't sound quite as beautiful as the two of you made it sound, so focus on the reality and not on your drams of it. There is no shame in realizing things aren't perfect. Sometimes people aren't a good fit. Your fans love you, and want you healthy.

  9. Okay :D *opens door and lowers a rope latter* There you go ^^

  10. You un-artistic fools, their relationship is beautiful,
    both the light and dark moments.

  11. it's a sad thing that happend, but you need to listen to him and find out what he wants from you, if you can't give that to him, then don't change if you don't feel thats what you want. And go on with your life.

  12. Beautiful Shiloh.
    I know how you feel.

  13. SHILOH! Take all this pain and hurt and make music with it! You have an awesome talent and you can help people with your music as well as yourself. Please don't waste it.

  14. I love your poem btw, did you make it up yourself?

  15. i know that you can get through this. be strong. it may not mean much, but i believe in you.

    do it for you and no one else.