Friday, July 8, 2011

Weird dog behaviour.

So my dog did something really strange last night.
She has never been aggressive and never bitten anyone.
She pee'd on our bed, and when I was cleaning it up she bit me really hard on my crotch area, she has never done anything like this before and I wasn't mean to her.
I'm really confused and saddened that she felt compelled  to bite me.
I hope she feels better soon, cause I worry about how her health is with this significant change in behavior.
A lot of people are saying that I was abusive towards her so she bit me but I wasn't I never even scolded her for peeing on the bed.
Maybe she misses her previous owners I don't know, but does anyone else know what this might have been caused from?


  1. Jealousy that you took her bed possibly. Dogs can get really teritorrial. My Cairn Terrier used to growl and bite me every time I went to go to my bed. :/

  2. Oh, what an adorable little fluffy cutie-pie >u<! I'm pretty sure that in a few days, your dog will be back to normal. Once she gets used to you, it'll all be fine ^^

  3. >She pee'd on our bed

    You and Greg are still sleeping in the same bed?

  4. a dog can be sensitive with really anything, meaning it could be anything.change in behaviour doesn't necessarily mean her health isn't well.

    it could be something like a change in the food you give her,or she doesn't like the amount of attention, but just in case it is her health i suggest making a quick trip to the vet (:

    its always possible she may have picked up something from outside or gotten fleas,my dog got very agressive when he had them,

    this may sound a little ridiculous,
    but an animal is like a person in the mind, and i read a book talking about certain energies and ways to communicate with cats, dogs ect.
    when your talking to an animal,just trust whatever she "replies" to into your head

    doing this method i found out why my chitzu didnt eat her food, so i quickly changed the brand,

    hope this helped ^ ^

  5. Its a territorial issue. When a dog pees on something they're most likely trying to claim it for when you were trying to wash away her mark, so to speak, she was like "Oi, MY BED!" and bit you. Lotta dogs have a tendency to do that.

    I WANT your dog!!!
    Too bad my dad is allergic of fur... T_T


  7. maybe her owners in the past would yell at her when she made accidents. so she was confused and wasn't sure how you would act to the situation.

  8. guys... seriously that's not her dog... it's a meme picture with the captions removed...,%20the%20destroyer%20of%20worlds.jpeg

  9. Maybe you should shower.
    It'll make your crotch smell better.
    But then again, you do have Greg again now so he can satisfy whatever sexual desire that may appeal to you.
    Poor dog. I feel for it, I really do.
    BTW, how's your dog doing?