Sunday, July 17, 2011

Protecting Myself

I don't know how to protect myself anymore because everything he says everyone will believe.
I have tried and tried and tried to contact him and just talk with him on a calm level and explain that it shouldn't be this ugly.
Before he called the police on me, I was talking straight from my emotions and not my mind, I was so hurt.
I have been labeled as everything bad in the book, I have been getting death threat after death threat all because he has made this situation look like I am the only one at fault.
It take's 2 to fight, the fights were never one sided, I never ever knew he would do this to me.... but I guess I should have expected it.

I'm deeply hurt by all of this, and scared.... I don't want to go through this pregnancy by myself and have the baby by myself and raise it by myself.
I am not the only wrong contributor in this whole situation.

I don't want to hurt anymore, I don't want to cry anymore.... I don't want to be accused of false things anymore.

Greg, please...stop trying to destroy me, I know things ended ugly in the end but your saying things about me that you don't even know are true or not.
I have so much hate coming towards me that I don't deserve.
I gave you my love, and I would have taken care of you through any situation.
Don't abandon me like this.


  1. I unsubscribed him. on facebook and everything, because i really dont believe he should be doing what he is all over facebook.

    He is a true drama queen. And i looked at both of your stories, and while i held sympathy for him, i no longer even have respect after the bullshit hes posted on facebook.

    You have my support 100% if you ever feel like you need help.

  2. Hang in there Shiloh <3 Things can only get better

  3. I think that your situation is a tough call but at the same time I think that both of you should stop posting stuff over and over on the web and work on it between JUST YOU TWO because if you don't things will continue to fall apart and be messy and things could get worse I do believe that it takes two to tango.. so Your not the only one in the fault and im not picking either sides but you two need to work this out or talk privetly and not for everyones eyes to look apon

  4. you need to go back to your music! use the frustration to write! hell I want to help you! your an amazing person don't let anyone tell you your wrong

  5. me and my friend Georgia have been fans of you and your music for ages now and honestly we feel for you.
    Hang in there <3

  6. Its okay, I'm not believing anything he's saying because I know you wouldn't lie about being pregnant with his baby <3

  7. Hang in there Shiloh. We've got your back. You know even if there are some people who will blindly believe his story you'll have your fans who will believe you. Honestly your side seems more reasonable because you're not claiming to have done nothing wrong. You're saying that you had a bad breakup meanwhile Greg is saying it's all your fault and you're crazy. It's just not right. I'm here Shiloh <3

  8. Things are only ugly because both parties involved (in which case you & Greg) have only hurt yourselves. The one thing that is tearing the both of you apart is the internet & EVERYTHING you guys keep posting. Honestly, I don't believe any one of you, but the pregnancy, I REALLY hope is not a lie to get publicity. & for Greg to say he hopes its not a lie to get him back, says a lot of your relationship that no one knew & apparently, you were sexually active but that is not our business. & for Greg to turn off his phone, that's sad. I'm worried about his safety & I'm worried about the little boy/girl who will come to this world w/ parents who share nothing but hatred/hurt towards one another. PLEASE settle your differences & SOON before it gets worse.

  9. I think it would be safest for you to stay away from the situation. I've been in abusive relationships and situations and it hurts, but there comes a point where you have to move on and heal and it does stop hurting so much, because you are a strong woman and you can do what you need to do to keep putting one foot in front of the other, one day, one moment, at a time.

  10. Everything is very convoluted.

    Everyone on Greg's side is saying that you were lying the entire time. The love you said you had for him was a lie, the memory loss was a lie, and now your claims of being pregnant are also a lie, and that you had hacked Greg's facebook and/or twitter, all in an effort to destroy Greg's reputation.

    On your team, everyone is saying that Greg is just having another one of his mental breakdowns and you're at the unfortunate buttend of it. Believe me, I know what that is like. I've had friends with emotional/psychological problems and I've fell victim to their bullshit far too many times.

    And then there are those who are on the fence. Half of them are saying that you shouldn't be posting these personal matters on the internet and try to work them out on your own together, or separately, and the other half is feeling this is all nothing more than a hoax. Others don't know what to think at all, and I'm in the small pool.

    To the people who are wanting Shiloh to prove that she is indeed pregnant... The only way she can really do that right now is by showing her medical records, with her real name on the paperwork in full, clear view for the world to see. Otherwise, it would be way too early at this stage for her to show you a pregnant belly. I've never been pregnant, but from my experiences of watching certain women in my life having a child growing inside of them, the belly doesn't start to really show until about 5 months... So it's going to be a while before she can really, REALLY prove that she is indeed pregnant.

    And as far as Greg possibly being the one stirring up this mess, I find it kind of difficult to believe that he would go to such lengths as to pack his things and leave home and spend a couple of nights at a hotel, which costs MONEY. Money, that which he barely has, because need I remind you that he has been going through financial difficulties lately... his financial difficulties are the reason why the website stopped being a public domain forum.

    I think it would help, Shiloh, if maybe you could update us in a video? I know you're probably having a hard time baring the thought of the many hate comments you'll be falling victim to, but think of it this way, Onision is probably having to put up with quite the much hate from your side as well. So grow some balls, lol, and put yourself in front of the camera, and tell us what's going on, from your side, in not just your own words, but from your own voice. And keep us updated, please.

  11. everyone feels sorry for her NOW that she is pregnant?

  12. It was the same with Skye i Guess, he said so much dirty stuff on videos and Blog, so ppl would believe him instead of Skye. Now he's doing this to You. He's such an insecure person, he need help from all his fans, can't do his own problems by himself. Yet You're such a cute girl, i dont know you from real life, but i watched all your videos, and from what i felt nothing what you posted and filmed was fake. And I believe You. - Alice

  13. You have the support from France Shiloh :) I know what it’s like to be abandonned while you’re pregnant. My baby boy, Noa, is 1 year old and I’m only 18. You just have to remember that you’re not alone : you have you’re family and you’re baby. You’re not alone Shiloh <3

  14. Hope you feel better Shiloh, just remember, you have control of every situation you are in. You have the ability to make everything better with or without him. Don't choose to be in all this stress because its what he's doing. Step out of it, stop talking to him for a while, and hopefully he'll come to you once he see's that you are telling the truth about being pregnant with his child.

  15. I think you and greg are BOTH drama queens and seek attention. HOWEVER IF THIS IS REAL HERE IS MY ADVICE: Put the baby up for adoption if you can't handle it. I am pro choice but prefer a living baby. But if you want an abortion then have one. Youre only 18 you dont need a baby nor do you have the means to provide for one. I say give it to a family that can love an support it better than you can at your current state. Your life and health are too fucked up at the moment.

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  17. If you look at the big picture from a fan's point of view, this whole thing is crazy! They both might have some lies and/or some truth, Greg said you pretty much went psycho on him, but you said you were only expressing your emotions,he said you were in a mental hospital but in a mental hospital, you can't be on the internet, (I'd know, I've been in one)also the same for such abuse shelters for safety reasons, perhaps you are no longer at that shelter and maybe at a friend's home or a cafe. He has had problems in the past. He is one of those people (of whom I've been friends with) that are crazy but not dangerously crazy so everyone watches and eggs him on and laughs instead of getting him help. He's got abandonment issues that I think have to do with his family situation. The same thing happened with Skye not too long ago and he also posted a "serious toned" video that pretty much tattled on her about stealing divorce papers. That was pretty sketchy now that I think about it. You are an amazing girl, you are also a bit crazy, which I don't mean to put you down with in ANY way but from one crazy girl to another, crazy+crazy=All-out Madness. I hope you can pull things together and how scary this must be for your ex to act so utterly insane and using his fan base of about 400,000+ people to destroy you. I'm so sorry Shiloh, but I think we could all see this coming. You are an amazing, beautiful, crazy girl and I hope you can get this under control. Sending lots of love your way, and yes, Greg's way because it's no one's fault, it's just a crazy situation. <3

  18. I hate to say this but if he doesn't come around...if you're really scared about the baby....and I know you don't want to hear this but maybe you could put it up for adoption. It'd be better than an abortion...not saying you would do that but some people would so I'm just clarifying.

    But thats only if shit doesn't get fixed.

    And it is COMPLETELY up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

    As for you and Greg fighting, I am trying to remain a neutral party since I'm just an internet dweller and not actually there to see everything happening....therefore, I don't really know.

  19. hang in there shilohh! we doo believe youu its justt..

  20. Attention whore. Oops are you gonna call to some kind of mafia now after me like you did to greg? You gonna hack me bitch? Gonna install key logger to my computer too? You are just a liar. You dont have a baby you just want to get greg back. Wack bitch.

  21. I got an idea, it's pretty accurate!
    Ya'll are both bullshitters! :) Mmhmm, two youtubers wanting youtube fame.

    Doubt your pregnant.
    Doubt he's in danger.
    Doubt you EVER lost your memory.
    Doubt all of this.

    I mean really, if you wanted people to stop believeing you, you should have called it quits with the memory loss BS.

    I was fine with this before, but it's gotten out of hand. Now, I'm just sitting behind my computer screen watching how this plays out.

    Faking problems, that's an interesting story!

  22. you're not pregnant. the end.

  23. I really agree with the statement that you two should keep it between yourselves. It would significantly lessen the drama and the haters. I'm not siding with either one of you. It's all just ridiculous that's it's gone so public. I still wish you both the best. Together, or idividually. Whichever you prefer.

  24. if you want everyone, especially greg, to believe you are pregnant, go to the dollar store, pay $1.07 for a pregnancy test, piss on it, and take a picture. then send it to him with time and date next to it or something. proving pregnancy is easy, if you know for a fact that you are pregnant, then you have obviously has a pregnancy test. if it has your name on it, just blackout that part.

  25. We love you Shiloh, ignore the fucktards

  26. I'm worried about you and hope you can read this.

    You tell Greg that you've had 2 miscarriages, then suddenly its miraculously 3... now you are "pregnant".

    You tell Greg you have a heart murmer so cannot get stressed out... then have all of these "episodes".

    You say you have memory loss and a sleep disorder and refuse medical attention, but when Greg does order an ambulance, suddenly you are better.

    You shave your hair off like Britney Spears when she had a break down.

    You say people are coming for Greg... then you.

    And this has all been in the past 6 months!

    Seriously hun, if you heard all the above and more about another couple, wold you believe it? Or would you think that person really needed help?

    Greg is a good guy and believed everything, but luckily he has come to his senses. This is a very unhealthy relationship. You cannot use lies to control a man, its abusive.

    Hun go to your family and heal, and get some real medical attention before you do a next Columbine or something.

  27. This is why you don't bring your personal life to the internet, people don't know the full situation so they assume things and then they will hate on you and give you threats and insults, you should really talk to someone like a close friend or family member, these internet trolls will just get you down. I hope the best for you and greg.

  28. proof that you're pregnant!

  29. All you guys should see it from Greg's POV first before you go unsubscribing !!

  30. This Is All So Dramatic And Personal. I Dont Think you Should Have Told The Internet What was Happening. Its Personal..