Monday, July 18, 2011

I'll always love my Zorr.

I am happy to see so many people are trying to help Greg through this.
I truly do love him and I want him to be happy.
This has all been so ugly, and if I could take it all back I would.

I have spent all day remembering the beautiful moments...the time's when nothing was wrong, everything was so very perfect... The first kiss, the first night, the first video, the first dance, the time we kissed in rain, the first night I came back from st. vincent, the time we spent as friends just kissing each other's cheek for a at least an hour before we went to sleep. The time he smooshed a perfectly good klondike bar into his cheek just to see me smile. The time I put flour and makeup all over my face just to see HIM smile. There are so many wonderful things to remember.

Some people may think I'm crazy, he may think I'm crazy. Truth is.. I wanted so badly for things to work I didn't think about how I was acting, or what I was saying.
When love runs deep, so does the pain when the person says they don't love you anymore.

He gave to me the best time of my life, and it's all that keeps me going every day.
We fought, we loved, we yelled, we loved more...and then it just came to a bitter and ugly end.
If I could just go back in time, and step away...and given him his space instead of being so scared of losing him that I clung so tight I suffocated his love for me, then I wouldn't have to cry every night clutching the little stuffed bear and little green guy he made and gave me for valentines day.

I miss everything about who we were, how we loved, and how we fought for each other.
Life is going to throw these things at us to see if we can survive and if it wasn't for him...I would not be alive right now.
He saved my life when I was left with nothing else but pain.
He was my friend when no one else would be.
He loved me when I didn't have the world to offer...just my love.
He is a good man. A good man that I hurt. A good man that deserves nothing but happiness and light.

None of our love was meaningless despite how this all went down.
I cherish every moment I had with him.
I appreciate every single second.

I as an human am not perfect.. and these are the things that open our eyes and make us realize what we had.
Greg is beautiful in so many ways.
I will love him with everything I have forever.

To Greg I am sorry from the very soul of whatever is left of me.
I wish you the best in everything you do, I believe in you, You're still my hero.


  1. Oh Shiloh <3 Those are true words of love. I feel your pain I once went thru something like this. If you ever need someone I'm here. <3

  2. just. waoh shiloh. you honestly blow my mind away. from the minute i knew you, you have been my inspiration, my hero, my role model. your the girl that keeps me young at heart. when i see you videos, it makes me all of a sudden hyper? xD & i love it. you have a gift to turn people random! :') your 'i am gir' video & your 'inspiration bunnies' video just make me go WILD! xD i love you with all my heart & will support both you & greg throughout this mess, no matter what happens. <3 i wish you both a life time of happiness, together or apart. :) - jessica xxx

  3. shiloh your amazing for still supporting him while he is trashing on you..i wish you all the luck and love in the world i know things get crazy when it comes to relationships and people forget that when its not happening to them..i really hope you guys figure things out just know you still have love from your fans too...people still love you dont forget about them because they are standing by your side dont shadow them because you will just feel alone when you had people standing by you all along....i know you love greg but right now he is being an ass wipe he dont deserve nothing from you because you made a mistake and he is on a mission to ruin you.....some one who purposely tries to hurt you especially involving the whole world and used to they love you was deserve real love you made have gave it but you never really received it...actions are different than feelings....

  4. dont worry yourself missy!!!everything will be ok!it may look bad now but you will heal and so will he.some how and some way it will all just get better even tho it doesnt look like it but it will,so i hope you have a good night :)

  5. I really dislike when peoples relationships break up on youtube i mean with all of the personal unpleasant details isn't nice at all,it would of been so much more repectful if the mud throwing would stop i mean there are two sides to every story and it is infact none of our business how or who ended the relationship.
    The main concern Shiloh is for the unborn child.
    Lets just hope that Greg will be a good father to the child and leave the personal attacks out of the bond you will have to share for the next 18yrs or more.
    Do you have BPD? or Bipolar? just a question as a lot of people with these disorders have emotional highs and lows.
    Keep on rockin out peace and love Tara xxxxx

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  7. Those photos are so beautiful <3 <3

  8. I used to feel like this too.
    heres a song that might make you feel better :)

  9. That is so beautiful Shiloh <3 I really hope you and Greg can work things out and at least be friends again

  10. "Life is going to throw these things at us to see if we can survive and if it wasn't for him...I would not be alive right now". Wow. I'm glad he helped you through whatever you were going for. That being said you need be in a place where you are happy with or without a man. UNtil you get to that place you won't have the relationship skills to keep a good thing going.

    What ever pain it is you are going through, I really do hope you will take the time to address it. There is nothing wrong with getting help. We ALL go through crazy times.

    All my best!

  11. I love you Shiloh <3
    Greg is a bit of a tawat for trashing you how he does.
    I'm glad you can be mature about this are that you are trying to defuse the hate :(

  12. "The first kiss, the first night, the first video, the first dance, the time we kissed in rain, the first night I came back from st. vincent," ETC she goes on and lists more.

    Really? You lost 3 years of your memory but you remember all of those first moments with Greg?

    Coincidence? Not really. NOW I think you're full of shit. If she really lost 3 years of her memory, that would mean she would have to have 3 miscarriages when she was 15 or younger, which is highly unlikely.

    I really doubt she was suddenly lile, "WOW! I remember having a miscarriage when I was 17!"

    Yeah, no.

  13. i cannot even imagine all the pain you're going through. i sincerely hope the best for you Shiloh. ugh. i feel like crying just trying to think up to what degree you've been hurt because of this ugly ending.

  14. "The first kiss, the first night, the first video, the first dance, the time we kissed in rain, the first night I came back from st. vincent,"

    Waaiitt a minute, didn't you lose 3 years of memory?

  15. If anyone is here to leave Shiloh nasty comments.. please don't! She is hurting, she's barely 18, and Greg is 24. It's one thing to break her heart with the break up, but then call her crazy and tarnish her whole reputation is another thing. If someone says "act you age" look at Greg, going to Youtube to get people to support him.

    Shiloh, I'm sorry you're hurting. Heart ache can be so hard. If you're lying about being pregnant, it's okay. You're not perfect and sometimes people say desperate things to keep people in their life. If people can't understand that, then they haven't experienced trying to keep someone in their life. I wish you well, and I think Greg needs to stop hurting you with his publicity stunt.

    You may act crazy, but we all lose ourselves before we find ourselves. You may lie, but everyone has lied. You maybe hurting, but you're not alone.

  16. I know how it feels : (
    I once wanted to give the world and every little bit I have to a boy.. but we ended up only hurt
    These songs really helped me, maybe they help you too : > :

    I hope they help you too : <

  17. Shiloh. Call me a troll, a hater, a pussy but in real life I would tell you this to your face.

    Your music fails at life.
    Your personality sucks
    and you lost the greatest guy on earth.

    I would as well like to say that my baby girl has even made it on one of your "take a joke" video. She pwned you and I am proud of her.


  18. ^^^
    Your funny. Its sad how much you fail.
    Greg is the worst boy on earth and I call him BOY because he will NEVER be a man.
    You have fun with your shit standards.

  19. Sounds like there's a grand possibility that you're bipolar. My mom had the same thing happen to her. It makes you act.. not right. And the worst part, is you don't have any recollection once you get back on your meds. And then you don't understand why people are afraid of you. Please go to your doctor and see if this is true. Because if you are in fact B.P, you need to get on mood stabilizers asap.

  20. THIS IS SAD. i agree with the comments about the 3 yearas of memonry loss. YOU WOULD HAVE TO HAVE SOME KIND OF disorder called "Retrograde amnesia". If you do have that, you should understand that you NEED to see a doctor. you shouldn't of lied to greg about anything. IF you truly loved him, you would have told him everything. not lied, true love isn't built on lies. it's built on trust.

  21. @tokishone

    Nah I don't fail. I have a beautiful girlfriend of two years. I go to college and I am happy with my life. I do not appreciate her actions towards Greg and her ethics on how to deal with situations between her and Greg. She acts better than her fans.

    Her music shows her personality. FAKE.
    I do like her singing but her lyrics are pathetic.

    She needs a lot of growing up to do.
    She needs to have control of herself.

    In the long run. You don't know anything about me, kid. I don't post my recent events online.

    Unlike Shiloh. She posts her live VIA internet knowing that there will be opinions, good or bad. I have a right to my opinion.

    and for the people who disapproves with Greg's actions. NOTE, because of her crazy antics, she made him run out of his own home.

    she needs a life check.

  22. Our hero Onision Has read this message and then puked Haters United! KILL IT WITH FIRA

  23. What a fucking looser u must be to believe in everything greg says.

    Her music shows her personality. FAKE.
    I do like her singing but her lyrics are pathetic

    Ur pathethic, and you're stupid. She didn't wrote her lyrics. Her songs - are epic, comparing to other pop stars.

    Greg loved her - it seems her personallity wasn't that broken.

    Now go and lick greg's ass.

  24. This is the most mature thing I have seen from this entire situation since... well, it's the first.